Insect & Pest Control

You may have an infestation you don’t even know about.

In nature there are tons of insects that love to breed in the trees, shrubs, garden, and lawn of your landscape. Some will even try to make their way home into your home. Often the homeowner doesn’t notice the warning signs until it is too late. On each visit to your home, our experienced technicians will monitor for insect activity to help prevent unnecessary damage to your landscape. We control for:

  • Chinch bugs

  • Grubs

  • Fleas

  • Spider mites

  • Weevils

  • Nematodes

  • And more

Protect The Inside Of Your Home From Insects

Weed Patrol home defense will provide a barrier from insects to stop them from entering the home. This barrier is a repellent that will keep those creepy and crawly things from even getting close. Mosaic applies this application to the 8 keys points of entry of your home

1. Perimeter strip around home

2. Foundation

3. Ground covers

4. Trash areas

5. Mulch beds

6. Thresholds

7. Decks

8. Window wells and crawl space vents

***We guarantee to keep insects out. If at any point you notice insect activity we will come back to the property and treat again at no extra charge.

Are insects or pests getting into your home?

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