Lawn Repair / Aeration Over-Seeding

Bare Spot Repair

Does your lawn suffer from:

  • Bare Spots?

  • Diseased Patches?

  • Poor Soil Conditions?

Many lawns develop bare areas where the grass has trouble growing back. Pests can dig up big patches, diseases can cause damage or troubled areas to form, and poor soil conditions may cause the lawn to thin.

Whatever the reason for your bare patches, we have multiple solutions and will be able to grow new lawn, anywhere! We can turn any troubled lawn into a brand-new lawn again. Weed Patrol will assess the area and determine what caused the problem. Then we select and integrate the type of grass that will blend in best with your current lawn and thrive in that area.

All Weed Patrol lawn services are guaranteed!

Call us today to get your lawn back to looking lush, green, and healthy!

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Aeration & Over-Seeding

This is a necessary process to give your lawn the ultimate healthy green look that will be the envy of the neighborhood. This process pulls plugs from the ground, loosening up the compacted soil, allowing for air to mix with soil and aiding in enhanced root development. The over seeding results a new generation of grass that will help create a thick, lush lawn that weeds won’t be able to penetrate.