pH Soil Correction/Soil Testing

Soil Testing

Soil testing is extremely important to maintaining the health of your lawn. Weed Patrol Lawn Specialists conduct a simple soil test each time they arrive on a property by taking a small sample using a special tool. Our Specialists examine a number of factors including growing conditions, soil appearance, and the presence of unwanted organisms such as moss, which indicates a low pH, i.e. acidic soil. A complex soil test is recommended at least biannually and can be performed upon request.

pH Soil Amendment (Lime Application)

Lawn grasses will not grow well in acidic soils, and since most soils in New York are acidic by nature, well-established lawns will require pH soil amendment through applications of lime—a compound of calcium or calcium and magnesium capable of counteracting the harmful effects of the acidic soil on lawn grasses.

By raising the pH of your lawn with regular applications, your soil will stay rich and healthy, other lawn treatments will be more effective, any disease symptoms will be reduced, and your lawn will be able to better access nutrients in the soil.

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Weed Patrol Lawn Specialists perform a pH soil correction service twice a year – Once in the summer and fall.