Why Weed Patrol

Why Weed Patrol?

Weed Patrol takes pride in our identity as a responsible lawn care company that practices IPM (Integrated Pest Management) methods when conducting fertilizing and weed control services. These methods kill weeds and pests faster and more permanently while minimizing chemical applications. Additionally, Weed Patrol performs all services under our Great Lawn Guarantee. We will visit your property as often as needed in between regular services, at no extra charge, to make any adjustments.

Our methods may take more effort, but they reflect the genuine care we have toward the health of your lawn as well as the environment.

Great Lawn Guarantee®

We guarantee the services we perform.

Weed Control does not expect payment for services until they are complete. Weed Patrol puts as high a standard on our work as our customers do. We visit the property as often as needed at no extra charge to make any adjustments to your satisfaction. As part of our program, we regularly monitor the landscape for anything out of the ordinary including insect activity, possible disease and funguses. We take pride in our name and work. Each satisfied customer is a crucial part of our growing business–we want you to be thrilled with our work and confident in referring us to friends, family, or neighbors.