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How to Keep Your Home Cooler In the Summer

If you own/rent a home anywhere in the United States you understand a hot summer day could become unbearable. Not to mention the bills for air conditioning can become pretty expensive. Here is a way you can reduce that bill by putting a natural cooler to work on your home. It also benefits your home tremendously because it releases large amounts of oxygen and observes dirt and dust. Which keeps you and your family healthy. Have you realized what natural cooler I am talking about? I am talking about your lawn. That lush green lawn can do wonders if you can keep it healthy.

In order for your lawn to properly cool your home, you must do these essential tips to maintain your lawn healthy.

Tip 1: Change the Cutting Height Every Season

In the spring you want to remove the dead grass. So cut the grass top (blade height 1-½ in.). In the summer cut the grasses at least 2 inches more. When fall hits bring it back down to 1-½ in. Make sure to use sharp blades so the grass doesn’t get damaged. If you damage the grass it will require a lot more work to repair.

Tip 2: Soil & Grass Type

Find out what type of soil and grass you may have. Knowing this will help you determine how much water your lawn may need per week. However, it can also depend on the temperature and other weather conditions you have that week.

Tip 3: Timing Is Key

Fight weeds early spring and summer. The sooner you do this it will prevent weeds from growing deep roots. Also if you see bare-spot you should put down fertilizers immediately. This will be your best defense against weeds.

Tip 4: Aerate Your Lawn

Your grassroots need oxygen. Aerating your lawn will help your lawn receive oxygen. Aerating is the process of removing a small amount of soil to improve air to soil interaction. The best time to aerate the lawn in the fall because the fall lawn is all compacted from the summer activities. Aerating in the fall will prepare your lawn to grow lush green grass in the spring.

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