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Lawn Repair

"no need to rip it all out and start over. We can almost always repair the lawn and fix the bare areas to sod-like quality."

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OPTIONS 1 & 2 are performed in the EARLY SPRING and the FALL.  

OPTION 3 (Aeration) only performed in the late summer - fall.


  OPTIONS 1 & 2    - are for parts of the yard that have actual BARE AREAS. We use the areas best top soil and our own special blended seed that we partner with Jonathon Green to create for us. We visit the property 3 times to check in on the results and touchup anything that was struggling to grow. We also note is the areas are being watered frequently enough and make any other recommendations needed for optimal results.

  OPTION  3   - this is for yards that are kind of thin, compacted, or have a bunch of different looking grasses that create a "unattractive" look.

This service WONT FIX BARE SPOTS it gives the lawn an OVERALL THICKER, FULLER LOOK.  When option 3 is repeated annually, the lawn starts to get that more uniform look and it will blend the variety of different grasses that were there. There are also no return check-in visits with this service.


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