Why Weed Patrol?

We are a responsible lawn care company that practices IPM (Integrated Pest Management) methods when conducting fertilizing and weed control services.

Reliable & Safe

We make sure our services are reliable and safe for our team and our clients. The products that we use are the best in the market. 

Great Lawn Guarantee

Weed Patrol does not expect advance payment for services not yet completed to your satisfaction. We will re-visit the property as often as needed at no extra charge to make any adjustments. We place our work to your highest standard.

Unlimited Service Calls

 If an issue arises at any point between regularly scheduled services, a specialist will return to the property and address it effectively

Protective Towards Environment

Our methods may take more effort, but they reflect the genuine care we have toward the health of your lawn as well as the environment.

High-end Technology

We use the industries most sophisticated products. Which guarantee the safety of your home.  

Why are we your best choice? 

Our services leave our clients with a thick, lush lawn, virtually impenetrable to weeds. We also have specialists perform a pH soil correction service twice a year – Once in the summer and fall. Soil testing is extremely important to maintaining the health of your lawn. These methods kill weeds and pests faster and more permanently while minimizing chemical applications. Additionally, Weed Patrol performs all services under our Great Lawn Guarantee. We will visit your property as often as needed in between regular services, at no extra charge, to make any adjustments.

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