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Meet The Team


Why are we your best choice? 

-    We are working on creating a more detailed story of who we are and how we came about as a company. 


For now though, one major thing to know is that LAWNS ARE OUR SPECIALTY! One of our goals is to make this area of the country known for having the best lawns in America. Either because we service them or because we forced other companies to raise their standards to be able to keep up with us.


-    We are also exploring and studying ways to help reduce carbon pollution and global warming through creating healthier fuller lawns and living soil conditions that help convert carbon dioxide into clean oxygen. We think this will be one of the largest solutions that is not being talked about enough. 


-    Something that we do not advertise is the fact that our entire program is organic based. When there is no organic option we use some products that are not completely organic. The reason we don’t use the term organic in our advertising is because we don’t feel what is considered to be ORGANIC by other companies and the government regulators is actually Organic. It gives people a false idea of the products that are actually being used. The total amount of all products used in the lawn care program only need to be 70% organic to be considered an "Organic Program". We do offer 100% organic programs but recommend some non-organic services to get the desired results most clients are looking for. Just because a product isn’t organic doesn’t mean that its bad. All products being used are approved by the EPA (environmental protection agency). It takes years and millions of dollars in testing before a manufacturer can release a non-organic product into the marketplace for agricultural use. We estimate that our program is around 85- 90% organic depending on the client’s specific needs. Just about all the non-organic products we do use are some of the same products that farmers use on fresh fruits and vegetables grown for consumption.



Even with that being said, we do not recommend eating large quantities of your lawn, no matter how good it looks. 
- Weed Patrol Team

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We are a responsible lawn care company that practices IPM (Integrated Pest Management) methods when conducting fertilizing and weed control services.

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Unlimited Service Calls

 If an issue arises at any point between regularly scheduled services, a specialist will return to the property and address it effectively

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Protective Towards Environment

Our methods may take more effort, but they reflect the genuine care we have toward the health of your lawn as well as the environment.

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High-end Technology

We use the industries most sophisticated products. Which guarantee the safety of your home.  

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