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Trees & Shrub Care

Did you know that your trees, shrubs, and bushes contribute significantly to the appraised value of your home?

Up to 28% of a house’s value is attributed to its landscape. Improving your landscaping from “good” to “excellent,” in terms of appearance, health, and placement can add 6% to 7% to a home’s value.

Our Tree & Shrub service helps transform and maintain your landscape into one that is thriving and healthy

Service includes the following:

  • Regular monitoring of any unusual insect activity or disease damage

  • Deep root fertilizing

  • Insect and disease control

  • Protective dormant oil spray treatments

  • Winter Desiccation

We also can also heal sick or dying trees, shrubs, and bushes by quickly diagnosing the insect or disease and applying for a customized treatment program.

Image R Tree and shrub.png
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